Where I Ride Off Into the Sunset

I’ve been toying with the options for this space, and I’ve come to the decision to put the electronic pen down. The site has served its purpose — enjoyable at times and creepy at others, frustrating and cathartic. But in the end, these are things I’d rather talk about personally with friends or drop anonymously into my journal.

Looking back over the time we’ve spent so far, I’m pretty pleased. Jeff and I saved a good chunk of money, although not as much as I’d hoped. The three visits from friends overseas were a remarkably expensive time, but were also some of the best and most enjoyable times I’ve ever experienced, so no regrets there. Not even one.

Jeff and I ate far more healthfully and sustainably this year, and that makes me happy and proud. We learned a lot of new cooking techniques and got more adventurous about what we put on our plates. We supported a local farm and knew where the bulk of our food came from — dragging our fingers in the very soil that produced it.

I’m more comfortable drawing lines in the sand now and speaking up for myself, saying No when it would be easier to say Yes, calling out instances where there’s been a lack of respect shown me in relationships, and admitting the mistakes that I made. Jeff and I have both gotten better at stepping back and thinking about our reactions to difficult situations, especially with each other.

I realized after writing the other day that travel became a means of escape for me at times. When I was moving from place to place, and filling my days with non-stop appointments and meals and coffees and museum visits, I didn’t have time to stop and think about who I was, what I wanted, and what was important to me. Being home this year forced me to do just that, to confront, to celebrate, to challenge, and when necessary to change who and how and what I am.

I’m very thankful for 2019. Thanks for coming along on the journey. I wish you all very well.

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