Ten weeks

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it’s only 10 weeks until the next year begins.

In general, I’m not someone that cares much about the shift from one calendar year to the next. I can’t remember ever making a personal New Year’s resolution, for example. If I think I ought to change something, I tend to go about considering, planning, and changing it. I’m not always successful at it, of course, but I do what I can to make the start vs giving myself time to ignore it or talk myself out of it.

But the realization today did make me stop to think about the direction my life is going, the things I’m happy about, the important things I’ve fallen away from, new (or renewed) things I’d like to turn towards, and the things that it might be best for me to turn away from–or handle in a different way.

So I drew up a simple list and drafted 3 priorities for each of the four categories I deemed most important to a well-lived life–personal, professional, social, and slippery slopes (aka wellness, financial, household). Then I thought about what I do on a day-to-day basis and what I get in return for each of them. It was humbling and even a bit embarrassing to really consider where I spend so much of my finite resources (time, attention, cash, effort, and energy). To admit how often I spend those resources on things that don’t enrich, support, or grow me in return. To see how one-sided things are in several categories. Frankly, it made me a bit ashamed. I know better, and I deserve better.

Then I thought about what I don’t do, what I put off, what I give lip-service to but always seem to find an excuse for not actually following through on, engaging in, or just half-assing. It’s an equally (un)impressive list. Again: frankly, it made me a bit ashamed. I know better, and I deserve better–and so do some of the things in my life.

So I’ve decided to take the bulk of my upcoming free time the next few weeks to think deeply about all of the above and to implement some much-needed changes.

(Yes, read things to include people. No, I don’t need a lecture on people vs things. I do, indeed, recognize the difference.)

4 thoughts on “Ten weeks

  1. I’m also feeling the need/desire to reflect here in the waning weeks of the year. It’s due in part to the realization that another decade is turning over (how did that happen?) and of course other changes, but I really want to focus myself for the coming year.


    1. I think the shorter, colder days definitely have something to do with it too, for me. But every now and then, it just gets too obvious how much time I’m spending on the Explore and search pages of Twitter & Instagram, how long it’s been since I’ve practiced the languages I wish to know, how tight my clothes are feeling, or the last time it’s been since certain people have texted/called/gotten together with me without there being a need, service, or want involved.


  2. Consider me alarmed…. every year I think that time can’t pass more quickly than the year before, but it definitely feels that way!


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