Cardi(o) J

I messed up my right elbow about a month ago, maybe longer, I can’t remember. My memory of non-impactful things isn’t something I find I can trust much anymore.

Anyway, I lifted too much weight too many times when my fingers, wrists and forearms weren’t strong enough to match the rest of my larger muscle groups’ strength (and no, I’m not a bulky brick, thank you very much) so I injured the tendons at the elbow that connect my lower arm to my upper arm. It’s painful just to pick up a coffee cup, hold a book, find a comfortable position writing or typing. Good timing for the 150,000 words I have coming in for edits soon, no?

In short: no lifting at all for the bulk of the summer and possibly the entire summer and into the fall. This sucks. But unlike last year when I broke the left elbow, the ortho says I can still swim, bike, and run. So just call me Cardi(o) J, because I’m going to be hustling in one form or another from now until I can get back into the gym just to avoid losing my mind.

I’m down 2.5 pounds already this week. Sigh. Muscle takes so long to build but so short a time to lose.

2 thoughts on “Cardi(o) J

  1. This sounds pretty severe! Years ago when I had a bout of tendonitis, it was causes by reading large print, hard cover books. Can you believe it?! The way I would prop them up or hold them up in bed or the tub. Hope it heals well for you!


    1. I can believe it! Thanks, I hope it passes soon but it sounds like it’ll depend most on how much it’s affected by the other activities in my life. The more rest the better, but rest isn’t always my strongest suit.


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