I am the biscuit queen, I can do anything

The biscuits and gravy I discussed in the previous post were a.ma.z.ing. I know you were wondering. There was a bit of a food coma afterwards, but it was totally worth it. They were that good. After breakfast, I casually mentioned that the biscuits would probably be really good with honey, knowing that that’s one of Jeff’s favorite things, which meant that his eyes started sparkling and he immediately grabbed the honey pot and the container of leftover biscuits. I was correct; they’re great with honey. Like sunshine breaking through a fluffy cloud. Okay, maybe not. But they were quite delicious. We didn’t need to eat anything else for the next six hours. Now that’s a good brunch in my book. Jeff especially enjoyed watching a British Premier League game at the same time too. Normally we have a hard & fast ‘No TV during meals,’ but bah sometimes it’s ok to bend for the ones we love.


Our lunch plans subsequently became supper plans but then our lunch –> dinner guests were late, then later, then latest, and ultimately non-existent. After an hour, we finished cooking the meal and ate by ourselves, after an hour and a half, I washed up the dishes and scrubbed down the kitchen, after two hours I took the food out of the warmer, and at two and a half hours (with yet more ‘probably just a quarter-of-an-hour more’ texts) we just shook our heads and got ourselves ready for the next week. Sometimes life is like that.

The pasta with tomatoes and blue cheese wasn’t really to my liking but Jeff ate two servings and gleefully filled a few containers to take to work with him. I preferred the side dishes: glazed heirloom carrots, roasted Brussels sprouts, and especially the cabbage, onions and bread casserole. Sounds gross, was great. We’ll eat well for days from just the leftovers.

Week’s recap:

  • On Friday, I went out and got close, my camera and I got involved, it and I got right into the mix of things. And the difference in my photographs was remarkable.
  • The gym’s pool is back open tomorrow and cycling can resume again too now that the security requirements for the national swimming competition are gone. I can’t believe the I’m looking forward to being able to swim again, but the lack of them both in my exercise routine last week was felt both physically and emotionally.
  • After ramping up the poundage on my weights work with Jeff, I’ve hit the limit to what my body can lift (for the time being) so I decided yesterday to reduce them all a bit to focus again on my form. Once that’s back closer to perfect, I’ll try to slowly add weight a little at a time, so long as my body allows it. When it won’t, then I’ll adjust the reps or number of sets or the time between them. Who knows.
  • I picked The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind last night and Jeff picked Saving Mr. Banks tonight – both on Netflix. I will admit that I cried big, fat tears at the end of the later. Neither were high art or Oscar worthy, but let’s be honest Emma Thompson can do no wrong.

One final note: This twice a year time change rigamarole is ridiculous, although it is nice each spring to be only 5/6 hrs different to family & friends in UK/Europe for a couple weeks. In the fall it’s nice to be an hour closer to those on the west coast for a few weeks. Overall though, let’s just end this silliness once and for all.

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