When all is right with the world, you don’t ask questions

Today brought happy satisfaction regarding the housewarming package I selected, some back and forth texts about cameras (I understand full-frame vs cropped a little better now), some beautiful photography shared with me, a couple satisfying photos taken, and a cozy (double) conversation with a friend about life, work, writing, moving on, and starting over.

After a week and a half of veggie soups (the creamy broccoli being a definite highlight) it was nice to break out the braised chicken skills again – this time with bacon and mushrooms. I can best describe it as chicken stroganoff. Next time I’m going to add egg noodles just to drive the association home. It was heavenly. And as the smoke alarm was removed prior to cooking, it was also a relatively silent preparation. As accompaniment, there was Pinot Grigio, a French Boule loaf, candles, conversation, and after the cleanup was done a viewing of Roma.

I won’t ask more of today.

Slaap lekker allemaal.

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