Mushrooms are medicinal, he’ll live

The doc gave Jeff the all-clear which means that his hunger could finally be addressed once we got him back home, but having no food in you for a while means that you have to be a little careful about hopping right back into solids. This is not the time for a large, chunky plate of anything. Not even if you whine about it.

Since I’m firmly coming to believe that good food, mindfully prepared, is one of the best means we have of showing someone love and affection (People who have known me for a while are now demanding to see my passport, thinking ‘WHO ARE YOU?’), AND Jeff loves mushrooms, it was time to break out the creamy mushroom soup recipe I’d been side-eyeing for a while.


Did you know that sliced onions are the scouring pads of the food-has-been-browned-in-this-pan world? I had no idea until we started getting serious in the kitchen and now I can hardly believe that I’ve ever sautéed onions FIRST in a recipe. Try it, brown anything — mushrooms, ground beef, chicken thighs, anything. Get the pan to that point where you just know it’s going to take some serious soaking and scouring to get it clean again, and then toss in a sliced onion. Start stirring. It’s as if Santa, the Easter bunny and Rosie from the Bounty paper towels commercials have all come bearing gifts. Like a really well-fitted bra, the oils in the onion lift the stuck on food and separate it from the surface of the pan.


In the end, we both agreed that despite the kitchen smelling heavenly while it was being prepared, the flavor itself was a bit weak and the texture somewhat uninteresting. It wasn’t bad, per se, just… muffled. Since the recipe made a hefty amount, I think I’ll halve the stock and reduce the milk by a quarter next time – and not run the immersion blender quite so long. That should allow the mushrooms to play a larger role in the final taste and give it a bit more heft on the tongue.

Look at me getting all cocky and decisive with instructions. Ha-wah! Recipe ninja. I blame the rare afternoon glass of wine.



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