Sometimes you just want to curl up and ignore the weather; this was one of those weeks.

It’s been a weird week, ok, week and a half. But weird as it’s been, all is well. A family member had some sad news, one friend had very exciting news, another was sicker than a dog, an acquaintance made me an interesting offer (which I declined for the most part but embraced partially), and best of all: Jeff embarked on a new workout routine with me. Twelve weeks should find us both in a healthier, leaner, stronger place.

Culinarily, it’s been pretty boring here this week, but much enjoyed: comforting, full of foods we know well, recipes we’ve made before, there was even Jeff’s guilty pleasure of *eyes lowered in shame* tacos from a box tonight. I know. Even he said he thought it felt like cheating, like eating blue box mac & cheese instead of taking 30 minutes to make something worth eating, so a shelve’s worth of cookbooks have been put on hold at the library. Soon we’ll be making proper Mexican food at home: tacos to make you drool, burritos to sell your soul for, tortillas to wrap your hopes and dreams in.

Thursday, in the middle of a freezing cold, icy snow storm, we saw some lovely black and white photography from a pair of local artists at the local botanical gardens. It’s always mid-summer under the dome. My favorite was an abstract stand of thin black trees along the upper third of a snowy background. Friday, we cuddled, held hands, and patted each other’s arms for comfort during the first of three showing of Oscar Shorts. This group was Documentary. Documentaries are usually not too festive, and only the final one was anything even remotely outside of the devastating category. I highly recommend both “Period. End of Sentence.” and “Black Sheep.” One was full of joy and hope; the other broke our hearts.

Three more small bags of things that we didn’t use and don’t need were donated to the local charity shop. Yawn, snore. Nothing new there. Of actual news is that one of my bicycles, an older steel Giant hybrid, is off to a local refugee to help them get around the city more efficiently and cheaply. It’s the end of an era. It’s been loaned out several times, but it’s time to let it go for good. There was an emotional tie with it that was tough to move past. But I have another bike for getting around the city, a road bike for distance riding and triathlons, and a shared gravel bike in the works. I can’t remember the last time I’ve wanted to take the hybrid out for a ride, so it’s been sitting unloved and ignored in between loans for the past couple of years. No more, it’s time for it to be an important and regular part of someone’s life again.

I’ll end this is the exciting fact that we’re watching The Incredibles 2 tonight and I had forgotten how much I adore Edna Mole. I vote for more Edna Mole. So much more Edna Mole. Tomorrow brings pasta with 3 types of garlic and oven roasted brussels sprouts, some good friends for lunch, and who knows what for dessert afterwards – but it’ll most likely involve chocolate!

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