Shall we meet at Canning Town or Baker Street station?

Why yes, that is a tea towel map of the London Underground.

Some meals lend themselves better to long-distance (and long-duration) phone calls than others. One-pot soups definitely fill that bill. Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce, not so much. So today I tucked the phone against my ear and built up a batch of split pea and ham soup while a friend and I talked, teased, gossiped, caught up, kvetched, encouraged, giggled, and lamented a seller’s market.

World problems solved: 0
Minutes spent in a non-stop smile: approximately 90
Vegetables chopped: 3 (onion, carrots, celery)
Freezer bag of leftover ham pieces: 1
Bags of split peas: 1
Cups of veg broth: 3
Cups of water: 4

This is one of my favorite wintertime soups. I make it without even thinking about the fact that there IS a recipe for it, let alone looking at it. It reminds me of cold nights when lake effect snow blew deep, fluffy piles up around our doors and we kids prayed for the all too rare snow day. It reminds me of steamy opaque kitchen windows shining bright while running back to the house after carrying water buckets to the horses in the barn. It reminds me of wet mittens dripping and snow pants drying after a day of sledding The Hill or snowmobiling with grandma and grandpa. It’s simple and non-frills and deeply nourishing. It reminds me of my mom.

Oh, and a big wave to Rachel. I’m not sure what the fascination is, but I hope you like soup.

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