No failures (yet) but some flubs

We’ve been working our way through a lot of leftovers this week for lunch and dinner – chili, tomato soup, an impromptu linguine in spicy marina sauce (for an out of town friend that surprised us by being in town on business), yet another round of chicken and vegetable noodle soup. You get the idea. It’s always a surprise to see how much we get out of a recipe that says: makes 4 servings. I don’t know who they expect to be eating, university football players maybe, but it appears that they sure don’t expect you to be eating anything else! No bread, no salad, no roasted veg, nothing. Even with our largest bowls tonight, we still had at least two servings left over after all was said and done. Into the refrigerator the extra went.

Tonight we had a pair of friends over (one vegan, one vegan-ish) to help us eat the Miso Vegetable Soup with Rice Noodles that I made up in the slow cooker. It was good, simple, cheap and not bad, but also not tremendously flavorful. The broth was vibrant but the rest was nothing to write home (or blog) about. I ended up doubling the white miso paste halfway through cooking as things were clearly a bit too bland. I don’t think I’ll make it again but I won’t regret having to finish off the leftovers either, so I count it as a draw and not a win.

Miso soup about to cook down, pretty unappealing at this point

Earlier, Jeff and I made big, fat, greasy-spoon-style omelets for breakfast. Eggs, mushrooms, red bell pepper, onions, spinach and cheddar. We cooked them a touch too long so, after folding, the bottom was clearly too browned, but they were filling and delicious nonetheless. I couldn’t finish mine, which is a rarity. Most impressive was that, eaten at 10:30 am and with nothing more than the most minor of snacks around 2:30 pm, they held our hunger off until our friends arrived for dinner at 6:30 pm. Way to work it, omelets.

The French press continues to elude our ideas of coffee perfection but we got much closer today. My guess is that with continued practice we’ll be humming along to Place de la Rèpublique and discussing the finer points of yeast selection for pain au chocolat in no time.

Tomorrow will find us finishing out the Open Table meal that started this afternoon and is still in the oven as I type. All I’m going to say at this point is that it smells amazing and my fork is ready.

Victory of the day: We’ve used up all our odds and ends so we met our goal of no waste in the kitchen – touchdown dance – but I would like us to plan better for the week to come. Leftovers for days on end was a bit dismal on these cold, winter days. I like a steamy, fragrant kitchen when the weather is so inhospitable.



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