Thank you (for your opinion), next

It’s strange, the drive some people have to insist on giving their -hello!- unrequested opinion regarding the decisions that you make for your own personal life. The majority of people upon hearing that we are going to stop eating out next year fall into one of two categories:

  • a) That’s amazing.
  • b) That’s quite the challenge.

And then there’s the minority that start with some version of:

  • You should really consider … instead.
  • It would really be better if you…
  • There’s no way you…/It’s not possible to…/Now, you can’t really…

Why would anyone believe that they have a better idea of what is best for me or our household? How can anyone think that we haven’t given this adequate thought? It makes not sense to believe that it was possible for us to not eat out when we were poor university students or cash-strapped newlyweds, but a thicker wallet somehow now makes us incapable of cooking on a daily basis, making our own coffee, or packing a lunch?

I am so thankful for each and every friend that has embraced this decision, given a verbal pat on the back, said “I’ll come to visit you then” or just wished us the best of luck at tackling this -again, hello! very- conscious decision to live more lightly, inexpensively and thoughtfully the coming year. Each and every one of them has been a welcome light against the Negative Nancys, Disbelieving Dicks and Eye-rolling Earls that we’ve encountered along the way.

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